About Me

From enterprise level computing to running my own homelab I enjoy everything that involves computers. I have always know that I wanted to be in the computing field because of my parents and family. Born to 2 engineers in the city of Odessa, Ukraine who eventually became Mainframe developers when they migrated to the US I feel like my path was set. I remember telling teachers that I wanted to be a programmer growing up and that answer never changing. The computer was always a black box to me and with constant studies I never really got a chance to explore and understand how it all works together until I was out of school.

This curiosity has led me to a fulfilling career in the FinTech industry on the Mainframe systems and middleware front. I was trained in Assembly language on the mainframe for 4 years and have just recently started learning the ins and outs of CICS and its supporting product family ( and boy is it large ) and extending to IBM MQ.

On the personal front I have a few projects that I entertain in my free time:

  1. Production FreeNAS 11.1 box with mirrored ZFS backup which is a hosting platform for my VM Virtual Box
  2. Raspberry Pi 3 running a multi-pool alt coin miner simultaneously (remote connection only) and BOINC for the SETI project.
  3. A VM running Debian hosting PiHole add blocker for my home network.
  4. 6 GPU etherium miner and 2 GPU HUSH coin miner
  5. 24 core microserver running BOINC (turned on for TOMS-Hardware citizen science competition, flat out the noise was intense)
  6. STORJ instance ran for a few months
  7. Rostock MAX v3 3D printer attached to a Raspberry Pi 3 running OctoPi.
  8. LAN Minecraft server on a VM for when my young cousins come over.
  9. AWS account for messing around and future certification purposes.
  10. OpenVPN server running in AWS with a direct connection to my transmission plugin on FreeNAS.
  11. General Computing/Networking consultant for close and extended family.