Sonarr musings

So a few things about Sonarr, it has a very limited number of indexers so you definitely need to set up Jackett in the sameRead More


It looks like AWS certification is the way to go along with learning more about containerization. I should stand up a container platform in myRead More

FreeNAS 11.2Beta1

My FreeNAS box has been busier then ever, I setup sickrage and couchpotato plugins for automation, nextcloud for on prem cloud storage for my parentsRead More


Its the perfect day for some home-labbing, cold and rainy. It started off well with the addition of a new ASIC miner to the bitcoinRead More

Tinker Board projects

After my failed attempt to install Real VNC Server I have been drawing a blank on what to do with it. I have been runningRead More

PC upgrades Part 1

As you can see the new components finally came. Not all of them are pictured here but these are the main upgrades because honestly whoRead More