FreeNAS 11.2Beta1

My FreeNAS box has been busier then ever, I setup sickrage and couchpotato plugins for automation, nextcloud for on prem cloud storage for my parents and clients (personal side project clients). I also setup a second transmission plugin that uses my old 3TB drives for seeding and as a test bed. The new 6TB mirrored drives are awesome and totally worth it, maybe one day ill get the helium drives just to play around with or even try to get a raid appliance.

I tried upgrading my current stable version of FreeNAS 11.1u5 to 11.2Beta1 which was claimed to be stable but it did nto go as smooth as I had hoped. There is no automation for upgrading JAILS and the new UI does not display your old jails so you are forced to rebuild everything. Also I could not see any of my network interfaces anymore and my Debian 9 pihole jail kept crashing. I had to backout but even that is not clean as the FreeNAS cant write the the console anymore.

I am left waiting for a stable version of FreeNAS once again.

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