PC upgrades Part 1

As you can see the new components finally came. Not all of them are pictured here but these are the main upgrades because honestly who gets excited about DDR4 memory. I started to plan out a road map in my head and I took the first few steps today.

I installed Pi-Hole on my Asus Tinkerboard (I’m just going to call it Tink going forward ). The reason for this is that if I want to put the most recent version of Free NAS on the old PC hardware I wont be able to use VirtualBox. The reason being is here . I ran into this problem one night trying to upgrade the FreeNas box with 9.10 updates and ran into this issue, was not a fun night and had to back-out. A side note in FreeNAS v10 they are going to get rid of jails and integrate Bhyve which will be fun to play around with but I have to wait.

I will need to disable my windows product key in order to reinstall windows on the new board. Here is a tutorial.

I checked to see if my fxa990 ud3 bios are up to date, they are.

I have another 2 sticks of DDR3 memory to throw into the server which will max out the ram at 32 gig so that should be fun. They will run a bit slower but it will be fine I’m sure.


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