PC upgrades Part 2

What a few days it has been. To put things simply I ran into unexpected software problems that would just not go away, it made my restart and shutdown times unbearable for no reasons. I had no idea what was causing it so I had to wipe all the drives and do multiple installs..

I have created a good restore point at which the PC restarts/loads/shutsdown quick with almost full functionality. The only things that I have not installed are the rapid storage, citrix, r9 390 graphics drivers, corsair engine for keyboard and the added sound drivers(not drivers since the sound works more like bloatware ). Lets begin to pick them off one by one.

One quick note a recent update killed windows restore and this is how to fix it I used step 5 with a little help from basic windows cmd commands using google about how to switch drives.

This has taken me all evening and almost night, I think its the audio suite from ASUS.

Here is almost a similar problem outlined on the ASUS forums.

I’m just glad it is over.

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