PC upgrades Part 3

With the PC finished I had a chance to enjoy it today for a few minutes. It was fun, everything runs smooth and fast now. The rest of my time was spent upgrading the FreeNAS box to my old hardware plus an aditional 16 gig for a total of 32! The hardware swap was easy and everything came up nice and smooth. I did try out the new  FreeNAS 10 RC1 Nightly Build but did not have much luck. It looks nice and was easy to navigate and is definitely the way forward from version 9.10 but its just not ready yet for my production environment. It kept crashing the WUI which was super annoying. Also the new server side interface is a bit annoying and lacking on features. But it was fun to try it out for a bit.

So now I have a nice AM3 motherboard that i don’t know what to do with. Also the new box has a graphics card in it, I was hoping to use it for DASH mining but I think I will have to wait as I don’t want to mess around with FreeNAS Jails and Debian builds even if I’m sure its easy enough.

Next project is to get the AWS certification, I still have a lot of class time I need to put in. I guess the cloud awaits!

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