Bees 3 weeks in

So I got some bees. Two hives to be specific. One hive is called Brick City( it has a brick on it ), the other one is called Hollywood( it has a … you guessed it, piece of wood on it ). I installed them 3 weeks ago with the packages coming from S&F honey Farms and the boxes were made by a family carpenter. Hollywood is not doing as great as Brick City, there is 1 and a half full frames of capped brood and a bit of honey storage all in the bottom box. The queen looked good and was on the bottom box. Brick City had like 3.5 full capped brood frames had half of the frames filled out in the bottom box and had moved up to the top box with just one frame being worked on, I even saw some honey capped. I found out that I need to get the go pro up and running again because I cant use the cellphone cam with the leather gloves. I was super excited by the progress the hives made. Just as a note to look back on brick city is facing east while Hollywood is facing west. I have a feeling that Hollywood was greater impacted by the hive move because their entrance line of sight did not change and I think they were the ones lost for 3 days after the move. This 3 day period may explain them being behind. Also the newly 3d printed feeders dont work very well as the entrance holes are too small for the bees, I should leave a comment . Capping looks from both queens.

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